There is a timeless secret that generations in Sibiu County have used to teleport back in time: it is a good ol’ fashioned glass of the finest white Transylvanian wine.

An unknown fact about this County is its unique clay soil and specific local climate which makes the Sebes- Apold region perfect for raising vines of superior quality. This tradition is centuries old so a glass of our region’s local wine is more than just a regular experience on a night out, it is an entry point into the history of those who brought the viticulture tradition to this region, something which many today are unfamiliar with.

A glass of this region’s white blend is where you are first introduced to the “Lander” which is a magical moment of rich first experiences. Enjoy rich savoury sips of your favourite sweet or dry chilled white wine overlooking the famous vineyard in the Apoldium region at Cabana Dintre Vii. You can sit by the fireplace reading your favourite Transylvanian classic novel and enjoying the local Bourduf cheeses. For a longer and more enjoyable stay you can visit their website and book one of their rustic luxury guest-rooms. The “Lander” makes for a hospitable guest who will ensure that your stay in Sibiu is a multi-sensory one. But who is the Lander anyways?

Photo By Vlad Ionescu

In this case, I am referring to the classic white wine served at Apoldium but the name takes after those who first introduced viticulture to the Apold area; The Landers. The Landers were a people of Austrian origin who were expelled under Charles VI in 1734 and who quickly realized the importance of the local climate and the famous soil while preserving the region’s viticultural traditions. Situated within their respective historical context, the Landers demonstrated the great complexity of the Transylvanian province. They were part of a big reform movement in their home country which many Protestants were forced to convert to Catholicism. However, since the Landers refused to give up their status they were sent into exile in Transylvania; a region which under the rulership of Maria Teresa permitted the Landers to continue their Protestant tradition. 

Photo By Vlad Ionescu

Transylvania was one of the most tolerant areas of the Hapsburg empire and so I’d say that this is a great reason to celebrate by introducing the region to its finest wine.

You can enjoy a local wine tasting at Apoldium today and partake in the heritage of the Landers. The blends offered here provide a taste of a variety of noble places with a complex history and a diversity of peoples and centuries-old viticultural tradition of Saxon communities of the Southern Transylvanian communities in every drop. In this sense, wine becomes a famous time machine to transport you directly into the history of these regions.