The Carpathian Mountains with their rocky peaks, waterfalls, flowery meadows and refreshing forests, the eco-destination of Transylvanian Highlands with its colorful terraced hills and long shady valleys with rich flora and fauna - they all offer the serenity and reconnection with nature we need.


Part of the Hiking Years project, the county of Sibiu has a few hundred km of marked trails in the Carpathian Mountains. The trails are diversified for various levels, so you can feel the adrenaline while exploring wide, open mountain plateaus at high altitude or enjoy softer treks while reflecting and meditating in nature.


Sibiu county is a great destination for all adventurous travellers. Hike, bike, ride a horse, paddle, go skiing or snowshoeing and take part in various activities in stunning nature, whether up in the mountains or down the valleys!


Stressed and tired, we all might need a mindful vacation, one in which we can reconnect with nature, enjoy slow travel and peaceful landscape, meditate while forest bathing and even try yoga in the meadows. With its rich natural environment, Sibiu can become a great mindfulness destination.


If you're in the city of Sibiu and just feel the need for a "green break", you have plenty of choices. Have a relaxing walk in the Sub Arini Park, follow its main alleys and get in the Dumbrava Forest and Astra Open Air Museum. If you enjoy water sports, you can have lots of fun at the Binder Lake Resort.

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