Dancing in the rain (c) Ovidiu Matiu

Rainy days call for you to explore your inner artistic connoisseur

Explore the indoors when the rain pours down! Enjoy your day regardless the weather! Head inside for an exciting exhibition, a lovely music performance, a gig, or a hot sauna – or what about a delicious brunch at a cosy café?

Sibiu has plenty to offer, even on days when it’s tempting to just stay indoors. Attractions, museums, galleries and cafés mean it’s impossible to get bored, even when the ugly grey clouds won't go away. Sibiu has something to suit everyone, regardless of age, season and whether you are a tourist or a local.

Check out our museums and galleries

Contemporary Art Gallery (c) Bogdan Botofei

Visit the Brukenthal Art Museum exploring the former governor's, Samuel Von Brukenthal, most prized art collections or themed galleries. His palace was opened in 1817 as an art collection and it is considered one of the most important in Romania.

There is also the History Museum, the Pharmacy Museum, and the Contemporary Art Gallery for those looking for an edgier selection. If you have children try a natural experience at the Science History Museum. Check out all these experiences on the National Brukenthal Museum webpage!

Take a local guide and enjoy the city’s culinary delights

Sibiu Wines (c) Sibiu City

There’s nothing more enjoyable than comfort food on a rainy day, a delicious and healthy brunch, a hot chocolate or tea. Or, you can savor a glass of wine from the finest wine collections in Sibiu at Wine Not. Take a local guide for a food tour. Check the list of the tour guides in Sibiu!

Get cozy with a great book that you’ve been waiting to read

You’re on vacation so why not enjoy the break while immersing yourself into the beautiful ambiance of the local bookshops. We recommend Erasmus Café and Museum for the coziest sitting, reading experience. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere at Erasmus and visit the Saxon ethnographic exhibition on the first floor.  

A rainy day may be the weather’s way of telling you to take more time for yourself

Combine the pulsating city life with spending a few relaxing hours at a spa! Aria Spa Centre and Baia Populara Spa and Wellness Centre have excellent facilities!

Try diverse spa therapies for relaxation and health: classic massage, in-depth massage, water-massage bed, automatic jade stone massage. Enjoy great time at the swimming pool, dry sauna, wet sauna, salt room, warm-water and cold-water pools

Enjoy Sibiu views from the towers

Organ Concert (c) Dragos Dumitru

The Council Tower, the Evangelical Church Tower, the former defensive towers on the Fortress Street… See the city from above, learn more about its history, explore its hidden gems, take unique pictures! When it rains it seems like the whole city becomes just a bit quieter and peace touches the landscape. On Fridays you can enjoy majestic organ concerts at the Evangelical Church.

The sound of rain, the sound of music

Thalia Concert Hall (c) Artografica

Let yourself empowered by music! Enjoy the performances at the philharmonic in Sibiu. Feel the intensity and heartbeat of the orchestra  through each song and each instrument. Check the program of the Thaila Music Hall and book your seat for the next great performance. It could be a great alternative to a rainy evening!

Bring back a piece of Sibiu to your loved ones

Grab your umbrella and explore the local gift shops such as Lulula, Florile Transilvaniei, Naked Shop and Jujube all supporting local artisans and artists.

Take a raincoat and hunt the best drama pictures!

Can you imagine the shots you can get in the reflections of the water? This may be your time to get the most unique photographs of Sibiu. Sun shots are always available, but the rain, it tests your creativity and with it you can turn any puddle into art that mirrors the soul of the city!