Reach the highest peaks in the Romanian Carpathians! Enjoy the greatest views and take time to meditate closer to the sky! Enjoy the energetic wild forests and the hilly green grass over on the mountainside. Capture breath-taking views and fully immerse yourself in the panoply of birds and multicolored meadows. More than half of the region’s territory is part of protected areas.

Făgăraş Mountains (c) Vlad Ionescu

With a few hundred km of marked trails, the region is a hiker’s paradise. There’s a myriad of paths to choose from in the Carpathian Mountains. Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy the scenic landscape, nature’s raw beauty, and the warm rays of sunlight.

There are three mountain chains within the territory of the Sibiu County: Făgăraş, Cindrel and Lotru Mountains, all part of the Carpathian range. They are all different in landscape and accessibility and their trails are adapted to all levels of difficulty.

If you want to combine an urban vacation with mountain hiking you can stay in the city of Sibiu or in a village nearby, as within minutes you can get to a hiking trail.

Summer is the best time for hiking across expansive plains and up dramatic peaks. In autumn, nature is busy preparing for winter and the landscape presents an incredible array of red and yellow colors. The fresh air and bright colors are stunning.

Făgăraş Mountains

They are the highest in the Romanian Carpathians, with the peaks: Moldoveanu (2544 m) and Negoiu (2535 m). They are rocky mountains with steep valleys, rich alpine vegetation, refreshing glacial lakes, cool waterfalls and diversified fauna: brown bears, lynx, deer and marmots.

There are 17 valleys across the Făgăraş Mountains from West to East, stunning places to be explored. If you want to hike for several days, you can choose to stay in the mountain refuges or different cabins like Suru, Bârcaciu, Negoiu, Bâlea Waterfall, Bâlea Lake, Podragu.

Hike in the Făgăraş Mountains (c) Anii Drumetiei

The hiking trails crossing the glacial area of the Făgăraş Mountains are difficult, they are recommended to experienced hikers. During winter season (November 1st - June 1st), the trails above the cabins are officially closed. The access for the trails can be done from various places - Turnu Roşu, Racoviţa, Avrig, Porumbacu de Sus, Cârţişoara, Bâlea Waterfall and Bâlea Lake. The access from Bâlea Waterfall to Bâlea Lake on the Transfăgărăşan road is open for cars from July 1st to November 1st. In the wintertime, because of the high level of snow and avalanche danger, the access is done only by cable car.

The Făgăraş Mountains are part of the Natural Reserve Natura 2000.

Did you know?

The Făgăraş Mountains are also known as the Alps of Transylvania?

In the Romanian Carpathians there are 14 peaks heaving over 2500 m altitude? Among them, 8 are in the Făgăraş Mountains.

Cindrel Mountains

Unlike the Făgăraş Mountains, Cindrel Mountains are softer, with large forests and pastures. They have been home to the region known as Mărginimea Sibiului, one of the most important pastoral areas in the Carpathians.

Sheepfold Trails (c) Anii Drumetiei

Despite centuries of human settlement and activity in these mountains, pristine wilderness can still be found throughout the region. Spruce, fir, and pine trees dominate large portions of montane forests. Deciduous tree species, like oak and beech, continue to cover large valleys. Wild flowers blanket many meadows and picturesque shepherd cabins and huts are spread along the pastures.

There’s such an unspoiled wilderness, a rich biodiversity represented not only by vegetation but also by the wild animals and birds (brown bears, wolves, fox, deer, wild goats, lynx, and many other).

Păltiniş Mountain Resort (1450 m)

Păltiniş is at about 4-5 hiking hours from the highest peak in the Cindrel Mountains (Cindrel Peak, 2244 m). The resort is a real hiking hub as lots of trails start and end up here. Being the first ski resort on the territory of Romania (built at the end of the 19th century), Păltiniş has a great network of hotels, cabins, and villas. It is located at about 30 km from Sibiu City and you can take bus no. 22 to reach the resort.

Păltiniş Mountain Resort (c) Anii Drumetiei

The hiking trails in the Cindrel Mountains are accessible from different other villages or towns such as: Râu Sadului, Răşinari, Cisnădioara, Cisnădie, Sălişte, Sibiel, Fântânele, Gura Râului – all of them well marked. Thus, you can combine a local rural experience with a great hike up in the mountains.

Lotru Mountains

Hiking in Lotru Mountains (c) Anii Drumetiei

Lotru Mountains are wilder and less accessible than the Făgăraş and Cindrel Mountains. The views are stunning and the biodiversity so rich. The highest peak is Ştefleşti (2243 m) but the most famous and easy to reach is Prejba (1745 m). One of the beautiful trails reaching Prejba Peak starts from the Râu Sadului village – an idyllic area known for its large meadows, pastures and many sheepfolds.

Good to know!

Every weekend local tour guides in Sibiu organize hiking trips and local experiences in the area around Sibiu. If you want to join them or get ideas about the outdoor activities you can do here, check the webpage Anii Drumeţiei!