Above the village of Tilisca there lie the remains of antiquity, a legacy that is two centuries old, tracing back to the early inhabitants of our region.

Tilisca is about 26 km West of Sibiu city and you can get there only by car. This wonderful places talks about a small community settlement of Dacians where you find the former foundation of their houses and workshops as well as a watchtower. There isn’t much known about the Dacians to this date except for the fact that they were an iron Age population during the first one or two centuries BC and AD in the area of modern Romania. Even though the Dacians left a little written record of their existence in this region, their energy still inspires people's imagination.

The trail to Tilisca is friendly and perfect for a combination of nature activities with family or friends. Enjoy a series of beautiful natural landscapes overlooking the old medieval town of Tilisca. With your binoculars, you can gaze across into the beauty of this town on the horizon from the hills. Along your journey to the ruins, there are several stopping points to bask in the beauty of nature.

It doesn’t take too long to reach the main point of attraction: the Dacian ruins (an easy walk from the village of about 30 minutes). The ruins are quite interesting, you can see almost the entire base of a house fully in tact.

The road to Tilisca takes you into a forested path, one where you can pull out your yoga mat and disconnect from your daily activities and reconnect with yourself fully. The trees here are truly a work of art, tall thin maples with beautiful golden light peering through. The silence of the forest allows you to hear nothing other than the birds and your breath. In these moments of pure silence, you can feel the energy of the land, enjoy forest-bathing and a mindful experience.