Consomme - comes from the French word “to consume” but in Sibiu, it refers to the quaint new restaurant on the corner of Ioan Lupas and Mitropoliei Street, which offers a moment of detachment from all that “consumes you” in the outer world and enables you to "consume" all that is nourishing for your mind, body and soul.

On a sunny fall afternoon, you can sit by the grand front window at Consomme and enjoy a nice evening to yourself in this custom-curated,  sustainable restaurant.

It features a delicate blend of arts & crafts, offering Feng Shui with elements of wood, metal and earth. There is both abstract and realistic art on the walls and of course, the chef's favourite piece, his chalkboard menu. This is where he writes his new masterpiece creation of the day. At Consomme, you never know what you're going to get,  which is more or less like life itself,  the menu, is in a constant state of change. If you're in for an element of surprise, to try something new and to enjoy a fine glass of merlot by a beautiful window sill overlooking the beautiful Astra park in Sibiu, then this is the perfect place for you!

Photo By Nicole Dragus

For most solo travellers, travelling is really about detaching from the usual routines and experiencing the unusual, connecting with the multi-sensory in our lives. By bringing a sense of presence to our travel experiences we can make the most out of any city and especially,  Sibiu.

It is these small hidden artisanal gems that make a day in Sibiu so enriching to all of your senses. While the city is small, it is inspiring. For the solo traveller, a quaint restaurant like this does not intimidate. It feels like home offering an empowering experience. The place sets the right ambiance in this case.

Consomme takes this into account, creating a soothing dining atmosphere set to soft jazz music in the background and muffled by quiet conversation.   The restaurant kitchen counter can be observed leaving you with a feeling of transparency almost like a home away from home where you're a guest waiting to be served by your very special host/hostess. The chef greets you and usually takes your order directly as his menu is constantly changing weekly. You can enjoy vegan blends and unusual mixes such as celery salad with grapes or lentils, beetroot and radishes, leek and potato soups or an exquisite mix of pasta and desserts. You never know what you’re going to get at Consomme so prepare for something different every time and if this is your first time, know that what you eat today may never appear again on the menu tomorrow. It is truly a unique one-of-a-kind dining experience that invites you to be fully present, to live in the here and now.

As you wait for your meal you can enjoy reading from the great collection of culinary books from all over the world. These books can prepare your appetite for what's to come, exciting your senses. It always feels like you get to know someone a little better by the books they read and in this case, you're getting to know the chef a little better, their flavour of inspiration.

The beauty of Consomme is really the quiet atmosphere, clean lines, artful blends of decorations and the park views. It's the way the light peers onto you from the outside and radiates warmth back onto you. An evening to yourself at Consomme is the perfect way to enjoy a night out in Sibiu as a solo traveller because it inspires, creates and rejuvenates you. This is a fine dining that in one of a kind, what you experience today will not be reproduced again tomorrow 100%.