Every year there is one small town right next to Sibiu city that tries to outshine them all with its beauty and rightfully so it does. The designated city of lights, with the brightest holiday spirit, is Cisnadie.Every year the town prepares unlike any other, with a jaw-dropping display of ambient Christmas lights, wreaths and of course the tallest Christmas tree in the country. In the centre of Revolution square you will find this grandiose display of lights standing 37 m tall, and the town below it acts as the greatest Christmas gift that Santa has left behind. Cisnadie also shines with beautiful panoramic views of the Carpathian Mountains, so it’s no wonder that during the Christmas holidays, the spirit here is much livelier with tourists visiting from all over the world. Just a 15-minute drive outside of Sibiu, Cisnadie is the perfect day trip.  

Winter Activities

Grab your skates and hit the ice, on the largest outdoor ice rink in the city. Watch as the community gathers with friends and family as they glide across the ice. Enjoy a warm drink afterwards at the local food truck serving fresh to you. Take a stroll through the park or get lost amidst the old picturesque Saxon homes. The scenery of this town is captivating and it must be admired for its modern vintage charm. Cisnadie is also the base of several hiking trails on the Cindrel Mountains, where along with a guide you can snowshoe, cross-country ski or observe rare species of winter birds. 

A Taste of Something Authentic

One of the most unique experiences in Cisnadie is 1km away in Cisnadioara where you can  trek to the top of the St. Michel Fortified church and citadel. There is an audio-guided tour which you can listen to on your phone, that will indulge you in the history of the mysterious fortified church. The view from the top feels like something out of a Game of Thrones movie, with old cobblestone steps and exposed citadel brick walls with a mysterious, Saxon church in the centre. The most magnificent view and breath of crisp cold air can be taken here as you put yourself in the shoes of those who once would’ve tried to protect these rich lands. At the base of the citadel awaits a flavourful unique gastronomic experience. So put on your winter gloves and snuggle up for an outdoor lunch at “La Teresa”. It is a true gem, serving fresh traditional gulas baked for hours over a fire in a cauldron. It doesn’t get more Transylvanian than this!