When you find yourself amidst the Transylvanian mountains, breathing the crisp clean air, your experience will feel above the clouds! The warmth of the sun will radiate on your skin and, if you close your eyes, you'll feel almost like you’re touching the sun!

Enjoying a sunbathe (c) Vlad Ionescu

Actually, following the path of the sun isn’t just a metaphor for how to bring more light in your life but a great tip if you want to make the most out of your experience during your visit to Sibiu County.

The Sun Trail is on the plateau in Poiana Soarelui, in Saliste. Saliste is about 21 km from Sibiu city and you an get there by car. The route starts in front of the Tourist Information Center (CIT) in the center of Saliste.

Beautiful wooden sculptures (c) Vlad Ionescu

The magic of this route is the wooden trail with various species of flora and fungi. The path features a running river and somewhat challenging terrain at times. However, each stopping point has a view that makes the trip worth it!

You find yourself amidst a rolling plateau of gentle hills, with an intricate yet all the while mysterious wooden sculpture in the centre. How did it get there? What does it mean?

Amazing views and flora (c) Vlad Ionescu

The Wooden Sculpture Camp was part of a project started in 1981 when every summer there was a carving camp organized with artists from all over the country. The sculpture camp has come to characterize the path the Sun Trail, the whole premise resting on the idea of sun and metal, and integration between nature and civilization.

The Sun Trail is a complex meditative experience from start to finish. Upon the completion of your walk, you will come across one last magical spot: a monastery. The monastery is a beautiful wood carving with colorful religious paintings on the exterior. There is also a shrine with running fresh water.

Saliste offers its own local experiences which include a community walk to the old town square or a visit with delicious tasting at the craft beer factory.

The local SB Craft Beer (c) Vlad Ionescu