An Ecotourist certified lodge means that by booking your stay there, you are choosing to support a place with a brighter vision for the Sibiu county destination.This is a vision that prioritizes living in respect and harmony with nature.For an accommodation to be certified as eco-touristic it has met and continues to uphold standards of environmentally friendly principles which include among others; the conservation and protection of nature, use human resources, an educational character with respect for and acknowledgement of local culture, and work to reduce the carbon footprint. Here are some great options to explore if you are a conscientious traveller who wants to make the most out of their stay, immerse in nature and reduce the damage to the environment one small step at a time.

Image by Gabriela Cuzepan

Veseud 11

This lodge has a vision to offer a stay that minimizes the negative impact on the environment and to improve the quality of life of all who stay here. All efforts have been made towards ecotourism objectives while also promoting fair treatment of workers through upholding their cultural and traditional products.They do this through:

  •  Reduced water consumption through lowered water pressure showers and faucets
  • Reduced energy consumption by using 90% florescent lights, solar panels, and using natural light through big windows
  • They promote local services by using local tourist guides, shops and provide financial contributions to local events that are run on donations
  • They provide information about where to experience local food and traditions

Fall in love with the rustic inspired wooden beams, open air tables overlooking the fields, workshops, and spacious rooms with large beds lined with soft woolen sheets awaiting your arrival. Book Veseud 11 here.

Image by Gabriela Cuzepan

Casa Eva Wagner - Biertan

In the UNESCO town of Biertan amidst the Transylvanian Highlands you can enjoy a bath outdoors overlooking the famous site of the UNESCO fortified church. This is a breathtaking world heritage monument from the 15th century.Watch the sheepfolds graze across pastures and enjoy a glass of wine on your balcony while observing the magic of the authentic Transylvanian landscape.Rooms at this lodge are spacious, simple, traditional, and incorporate medieval charm. This is a former Saxon house where your stay can be as thematic as the town. As part of the Transylvanian Highlands, an eco-certified destination, Biertan offers an extensive network of hiking and cycling tours, historic guides of the fortified churches, rich wildflower meadows and the most unique culinary experiences. Book Casa Wagner here.

Image by Gabriela Cuzepan