The old medieval town of Sibiu inspires all who are ready to “see it” but there’s nothing that compares to Autumn photographs in this quaint town in the heart of Transylvania. There’s a timeless saying that “a photo is worth a thousand words”, but in Sibiu, it’s an Autumn photo which has the power to inspire a thousand feelings.

The mysterious angles of the streets and vibrant colours of nature create a sense of intimacy with both the photographer and the observer of the photograph. Regardless if you are a professional photographer or not, autumn photography in Sibiu is an art form which will surely indulge and satisfy all of your curiosity and senses. Why?

Well because Sibiu has the most majestic landscapes in Transylvania. It is a small city that is situated among the Carpathian mountains which act as a beautiful background to any canvas. The city features a beautiful blend of symmetry and asymmetry, which combines the old with the new, and nature with the urban. With the autumn season bringing shorter days and longer nights, the reflections of light that cascade onto the city create a wonderfully complex interplay between light and dark, feeding a philosophical need within the human soul.

In solitude, through your lens, you become an observer of thousands of years of history, walking along the same paths as the Saxon, Hapsburg and Ottoman ancestors who once roamed through here. Your perspective offers new insight into timeless history and through these photos, you can learn something new about yourself.

Autumn photography makes for a great meditative practice which prepares you for the dark winter days ahead. Through your photos, you can witness yourself and how you seek to find shelter, beauty, creation and love throughout the city. It is less about technique as much as it is about feeling, so long as you have a phone or camera in your hand, you can become an artist in your own right.

Location is the most important component when expressing yourself through autumn photos because it sets the background of what you are trying to communicate or express, not just to your audience but also to yourself. If you’re approaching photography as a meditation, then reflect on your feelings first and don’t be afraid to get lost wandering the streets of Sibiu. It is an incredibly safe city which offers great potential frames every step of the way.

Here are our TOP FOUR locations as they relate to different fall moods that you can experience in Sibiu city:

The Astra Museum

The AstraMuseum creates a sense of nostalgia as well as a connection to one’s roots or heritage. Astra offers frames that inspire feelings of grounding and connection to the earth. For example, you can capture mysterious shots exploring endless fields of crops and corn where surely you will be accompanied by one of the cats that will guide you through the maze. Wondering through cornfields with your camera, you’ll feel incredible freedom, perhaps even fear at times as you lose yourself through the mysteries of the unknown but with your lens in hand and the breathtaking moments of silent golden light shining down upon you, you know that you are protected. This feeling of safety through the unknown can be interpreted through your capture of the fields at Astra museum. Explore more here

Parcul Sub Arini 

Parcul Sub Arini dares to ask the question: will you follow the paved path or take the road less travelled? The discoveries on either can make for some pretty interesting autumn captures. The paved path may seem predictable but it does not come without its surprises. Lined with Majestic Arini trees gracefully dancing in the gently blowing breeze with unique facial features on their trunks, they invite you to become their portrait photographer. The trees are undoubtedly a focal point and how you capture them depends on how you see each one’s story. Also on paved roads, there are tunnels. These tunnels can make for cool mysterious shots with the enchanted beauty of the autumn forest framing the background on the other side.

However, if you dare to venture through the tunnels you will soon find yourself faced with the choice of taking the “road less travelled”. This means wandering through the golden brown leaves in the forest of Sub Arini. Here you can find tiny species of plants and animals, in these frames, it’s all about what inspires you, the weird intricate details that make the forest landscape so fascinating to you as the observer. Not to mention that while doing so you are forest bathing and drawing inspiration from nature with each inhale.

Strada Cetati

A beautiful street where the old meets new, nature meets urban and I meet with you. A romantic street indeed, beautifully lined with autumn-coloured trees, set against the background of the age-old red brick wall. The walls being in their original form from the 12th century inspires a sense of infinite time and through your lens, you can work with different angles of this path with the wall to showcase this sense of infinity. A historic legacy that is fortified and protected by brick.

Road Trip to Cisnadioara

A short local road trip or bike ride away en route to Cisnadioara, you will find perhaps one of the most majestic autumn landscapes. This one will inspire you to look at yourself from the “big picture”. A wide-angle landscape featuring orchards, fields and sheep with their shepherds, all situated within the contours of the Carpathian mountains. Accompanied by a blue sky and golden sunshine, this breathtaking photo point is one where you’ll want to spend sometime introspecting because it truly offers a lot in terms of finding your sense of time and space in simplicity.  

While autumn photography in Sibiu can make for some breathtaking photographs it is less about the final result and more about the meditative process that engaging in this art form can have for you as the photographer. It offers a new perspective on the city that is personal to your current feelings and experiences. Your frames and inspiration should not be taken for granted but instead understood as coming from a deeper desire within you for self-expression, introspection and change shrouded in the context of the mysteries of Sibiu, a city which has witnessed and adapted to centuries of change.