Păltiniş Ski Resort: Ski,Snowboard, Snowshoeing, Cross-country

Located in theCarpathian Mountains, at about 30 km from Sibiu, Păltiniş is a mountain resort perfect for winter sports lovers. There are two main ski centers in Păltiniş:

Onceşti Ski Slope and Arena Platos. Oncesti Ski Slope has a length of 1100 m, and a level difference of 241 m. The slope has a chair lift on 400 m.

Arena Platoş SkiResort has about 3.5 km of slopes with various difficulty levels including an area for sleighs. They have equipment for artificial snow, 5 tele skis and 1 chairlift. Arena Platoş has the most modern fun-park in Romania with night access built on four platforms each of them with different difficulty levels.

Image by Vlad Ionescu

If you don’t know how to ski or snowboard but you’re eager to learn, then Arena Platoş is the perfect place to get started. It has two ski and snowboard schools and even a ski kindergarten dedicated to children. You don’t have to worry about the necessary equipment, you’ll find everything you need at their rent centre. The instructors are patient and kind, they speak a variety of languages including English so that learning a new skill will not be extra difficult for you. It is worth going with a group to get a group discount, the nice things about learning a new skill together in a new place is the memories that you’ll treasure forever. You’ll look back one day and say “remember when we learned to snowboard in Sibiu”. What a time! The difficulty of the slopes is also beginner to intermediate level so if you are ready to get off of the training slope, the remaining slopes are manageable for a beginner who wants to challenge themselves too!

Arena Platoş is not only the perfect resort for snow lovers but also for outdoor fun lovers.During the ski season, every weekend, there are different contests organized on the slopes including the already famous Miss Bikini and Slide and Freeze competition. Have a look on their website, check out the offer and program, book your vacation and enjoy an unforgettable winter experience!

Image by Marius Miclea

Bâlea Lake: Free ride Ski and Ice Climbing

Are you a ski or snowboard professional? Do you enjoy adrenaline outdoor sports including free ride skiing and ice climbing? Well, you should not hesitate to come to Balea Lake, right in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. Bâlea Lake is located at about 2000m altitude. It is accessible in the wintertime by cable car (from Bâlea Waterfall till Bâlea Lake). This will make your adventure even greater as you’ll enjoy the spectacular view of the snowy rocky peaks.

Up, at Lake Bâlea there are two cabins where you can book a room and two restaurants. The masterpiece is, of course, the ice hotel. It is built every year, in a different style and under a different theme. This year, the theme is “European Capitals” – so, each of the ice-hotel rooms is dedicated to a certain capital.

The area doesn’t have a ski/ snowboard resort with special slopes so you can put your skills to the test by  free ride skiing, of course when conditions are safe. Always check the weather and ensure there is no risk of an avalanche as the ferocious Fagaras mountains are often unpredictable.


Skating in Sibiu and Cisnădie

Skating outdoors can be so fun! There’s a skating  in the city of Sibiu – in the main park of the city (Sub Arini Park). In the little town of Cisnădie there’s another covered ice rink. Check their program, hop on and get started for some ice fun!   https://sibiucityapp.ro/en/places/cisnadie-ice-skating-rink--9ww8zk8ryb-oq


Image by Marius Miclea