Real souvenirs are less about what you bring back materialistically speaking and more of the everlasting experiences that you can share back home with your dear ones!

Souvenirs can be something which we imbue with the meaning of the place where we found them; they can reflect a sense of our authentic interaction with the place. But the question we should be asking here is what exactly are we trying to preserve? And why are we trying to keep this memory alive?

Little souvenirs from Sibiu (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

The souvenirs we collect are meant to somehow connect our senses to the place again. Because these physical objects connect our senses to that which our memory struggles to keep alive.

We encourage tourists to take souvenirs and gifts back home. But sustainable ones. High quality design products, ceramics, handmade clothes and jewelry, original curiosities and things for children.

Souvenirs are a reflection of our values, what we enjoy, treasure and makes us feel good. We can choose a traditional gift like a beautiful Romanian blouse "ie", a pottery object, a traditional sculpture and, why not, an original magnet.

Little Gift Corner (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

If you prefer modern design combined with organic, zero-waste and eco-friendly elements than you should visit the new creative concept stores in Sibiu. Whatever you prefer, here are some souvenir places we suggest:

Also, check the handmade events organized in Sibiu by Creative Buzz - there are several artisan fairs organized every summer, a great occasion to find numerous innovative and beautiful gifts. The Pottery Fair organized in Sibiu every September is a great occasion to find potters from all around the country.