32 destinations from all around the world have been named as Best Tourism Villages 2022 by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Among them, we are proud and honored to mention  Răşinari, an idyllic village in Sibiu County.

View above Rasinari

Rasinari is part of Marginimea Sibiului, a specific area of Sibiu County and beautiful ethnographic region of Romania. It is a mountain area, composed of 18 villages that share the same traditions, architecture, and history.

The area is situated south-west of the city of Sibiu, at the bottom of the Carpathian Mountains. The village has a rich history in sheep breeding. The local shepherds and farmers still produce a large variety of dairy and meat delicacies.

Hay stacks for winter (c) Daniel Secarescu

In addition to its fresh meats, Răşinari is also famous for its different dairy products, especially sheep and cow cheese. It is such an expert in these cheeses that there are even two festivals dedicated to cheese and local gastronomy in Răşinari: the Cheesecake Day and the Cheese and Brandy Festival.

Delicious local cheesecake (c) Daniel Baltat

Take a day (or why not more) and explore the village and its surroundings. Have a lovely walk along its cobbled-stone little streets. Admire the Orthodox church, an amazing construction from the 18th century with unique wall frescos, visit the local ethnographic museum even take a hike with a splendid view up on the hills above the village.