The main feature of Sibiu city s its right-knit size and accessibility. Sibiu can be walked by foot entirely in one hour from one side of the city to another.

As a new tourist, the most attractive aspects of the city will likely be found in the centre - the historic centre offers 3 squares: the Big Square, Little Square, and Piata Huet. Along the way, you can get lost (and also easily found) along the colourful houses and cobblestone streets lined with cafes, restaurants and shops.

As you move outwards from the historic centre you find different neighbourhoods: Terzian, Strand, Resita, Hipodrom, Valea Aurie, Gusterita, Vasilea Aron, Mihai Viteazu. All of these neighbourhoods are where you will find true local culture as most Sibiu inhabitants live around here and not in the historic centre. These neighbourhoods are safe to visit and integrated with nature such as parcul Sub Arini which will connect the centre with Valea Aurie, and Mihai Viteazu together. You will see the communist influence in these areas but still enjoy the colourful aspects of the historic centre.

Photo by Gabriela Cuzepan

What once used to be dark grey dark buildings after the fall of communism became imbued with the individuality of each owner. When you don’t want to walk, local buses are accessible throughout the city - you can find their times and routes on Google Maps or on the poles along the bus stations. You need not worry about purchasing tickets ahead of time as the modernized buses in Sibiu accept mobile pay or tap on your credit card to purchase your bus ticket.

Lime scooters have now also become a fun way to travel the city but be aware both of your speed, and traffic zones and ensure that you check the scooter/ bike app for available parking zones as scooters and bikes will not let you end your ride until you park them appropriately. Also, be aware of fines.

Sibiu has also adopted to have both Bolt and Uber where you can choose options of ride-sharing or even supporting Ukraine war or women in the Bolt industry. Bolts in Sibiu are affordable with average fairs across the city costing anywhere from 10 RON to 20 RON depending on the time of day and payments can be made both in the app by card or at the end of your ride by cash.

Within the city, if you’re looking to travel between cities there is a train station - where you can check schedules.

For international travel, Sibiu is connected to several European and non-European cities by bus or plane and of course via road by car. However, the city has so many entries -exist points all within a short km radius making it a well-connected accessible hub for a spontaneous getaway.