Before visiting any destination in any season the first thing to do is start to picture your experience ahead of time. Feel the sun or cool crisp mountain air on your skin, imagine the streets and architecture, or lose your senses in the gastronomic delights of this region. While some may like being surprised, others like to know what to expect from their experience so that they can really make it their own. Here we’ve made a short list of all of the things you should know about before coming to Sibiu; from the climate to local gastronomy to our favourite museum suggestions. Let your imagination be carried away you explore the beauty of Sibiu County.

Image by Gabriela Cuzepan


Climate:Sibiu’s climate is temperate continental, with thermic influences and changes due to its proximity near the Carpathian Mountains. There are 4 seasons, with the lowest temperatures in January-February. The annual average temperature is approximately 9 °C.

Climate change seems to be a developing problem in this region, as locals have observed warmer and shorter winters with lesser quantity of annual precipitation. Spring andFall are beautiful (especially April May and September-October) with pleasant temperatures. Whenever you come to Sibiu, check the weather forecast first.There’s a lot to explore so take comfortable clothes and good sport/ hiking shoes. Sibiu County is beautiful all year around, but August becomes extremely busy and quite hot.

A True FoodieCulture: Romanians enjoy eating and local people in Sibiu make no exception. Due to its farming diversified traditions local people enjoy a lot the traditional gastronomy based on meat (especially pork), polenta, potatoes, vegetables soups, stews, pickles and… bread. As beverages, Romanians love the plum brandy (quite a tough alcoholic drink, usually drunk before a meal), beer(any type, including craft beer) and wine (Romania is no 5 in Europe in what regards the wine quality)

If you want  to try the traditional Romanian/ shepherd food, try restaurants like Crama Sibiul Vechi or Kulinarium. If you are interested more into creative contemporary cuisine based on local products then we suggest restaurants like La Pasaj, Plai, Jules, Hochmeister, Benjamin Steakhouse, Max The Original, Max by Gianfranco and so many others.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in Sibiu: Sibiu City  is also famous for its great number of bakeries in the old town. As you walk along the pedestrian street N. Bălcescu, you’ll discover lots of appealing bakeries with beautifully decorated shop windows and plenty of tasty delicacies – you must try them because everyone is incredibly delicious!

We’re also big coffee lovers here, hence you’ll find lots of great coffee shops and bars:Nod, Lumos, Hug the Mug, Tedd’s, Refresh, Café Wien.

Image by Gabriela Cuzepan

Image by Gabriela Cuzepan

Find Your Muse

If you want to visit the local museums, check the program as, normally, on Mondays and Tuesdays most of them are closed.


The local currency is Leu/ Ron. Most of the shops, restaurants, hotels or tourist accept debit cards (Visa, Mastercard). Nevertheless, it’s better to have some cash with you.

When you get in Sibiu, you find more information about the town at the Tourist Information Centre in Piaţa Mare (Town Hall building).

A visit is Sibiu can be way more interesting and revealing during a sightseeing tour with a local guide. Check the Sibiu Tour Guides webpage and book a knowledgeable and fun walking tour!

Image by Gabriela Cuzepan