Sibiu is distinguished for its rich history as a medieval city but really what makes the city a memorable experience is all that you can SEE, or better yet how the city SEES you.

The soul that animates the city is the old houses that surround it. The centre of the city is lined with buildings that are centuries old in their original architecture and perhaps the most unique feature about them is their eyes. The eyes on the rooftops of Sibiu ensure that you are always being watched and, of course, it’s important to know who is watching you.

Each house is different from the others not just because of their colorful stucco walls and wild vines, but because each one has a soul. If you look at the roofs of the houses you can see their personalities, some are smiling and others are serious.

Huet Square (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

Somehow, they remain intertwined between the central monuments of the city each symbolizing a piece of history that makes the city what it is today. The secret behind each home is its story, and each story is animated by the characters who once lived there, what they accomplished and how they helped inspire change.

House Nr. 24, Piaţa Mică

House number 24 is located on the corner of the Piaţa Mică (Little Square), next to the Stair Passageway taking you to the Goldsmith’s Square, a hidden gem of Sibiu. The construction of the building (the basement and the ground floor) dates to the 15th century.

According to the numerological symbolism, the number 24 is associated with hard work and determination. Piaţa Mică has always been a trade place, a sort of a medieval supermarket where most of the important tradesmen, artisans and guild members used to live.

The archives mention that between 1850 and 1940, the building was home to 25 stores among which shoemakers, tailors, furriers. At the beginning of the 20th century it used to host a private detective company … and a restaurant where local people used to meet, chat, and enjoy craft beer and local white wine. Local people know it as “The Goldsmith House” - why we don't know for sure, it remains a mystery a private detective company could solve...

Today it is home to Arcade, a local pub with a cool rustic interior and a fun restored bathtub awaiting your next selfie moment!

Goldsmiths' House (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

House Nr. 6 - The Luxembourg House

Number 6 is associated with creativity, and art performances in general… Well, there’s no surprise Casa Luxemburg in  Piaţa Mică has number 6. The house was restored with Luxembourgish funds during an important process of rehabilitation of the old town for the event Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007. Luxembourg and Sibiu participated both in this great event (Sibiu becoming, thus the first European Capital of Culture in Romania) as the two cities share a common heritage – many colonists who arrived in our region, used to come from the areas of Luxembourg today.

The building hosted the association responsible in 2007 to organize all the cultural and sports events in the city. After 2008, it became a guesthouse also hosting a private Tourist Info Centre and the Consulate of Luxembourg. As you walk by the house, notice the coats of arms of the Great Duchy of Luxembourg and the two logos of Sibiu and Luxembourg - Capitals of Culture. In the basement of the building, next to Liars’ Bridge, there’s Atrium Café, one of the best rated pubs in Sibiu.

Casa Luxembourg (c) Gabriela Cuzepan