It’s time to go on your mountain adventure exploring the beauty of the Carpathians. You’ve selected your trail and calculated the duration of your trip, but it still feels like you’re forgetting something. As a reminder we’ve put together all of the essentials to check off your list before taking on the mountains.

Climbing a mountain is as much about physical endurance as it is mental but it’s not only about how you prepare your body and mind but also ensuring you have packed the necessary equipment. Hiking without having all your essentials will leave you exposed to the elements in a less than enjoyable way. The weather on the mountains is known to be unpredictable so you want to ensure that you’re prepared to handle anything, including the bears. Here’s the ultimate guide for hiking in Sibiu County.

Image by Vlad Ionescu

Hire a Guide

If you’re a beginner or even just if you want to get the most out of your mountain adventure stress free, hiring a guide is the best way to do this. The guide knows all the routes – marked and unmarked as well as can assist with getting to the mountains or information about the landscape and trails. Going with a guide and a group might mean meeting new people from across the world which could make for some amazing 1st time memories. Hire a guide here.

Image by Razvan Negru

Research the Mountain

You should always do your research ahead of time and know what you’re in for. Check how long it takes to get to the top of the mountain for example so that you can pack enough food and water in advance. Rescue Help Here.

Train for the Climb

A head of tackling the mountain, it is always recommended that you exercise your cardio and strength training. It is important to practice proper breath work as well. Understanding your body and fitness level is key to not going beyond your body’s limits and avoiding injury. Mountain Guide Here.

Image by Vlad Ionescu

Know the Potential Hazards

Weather: Strong winds, freezing temperatures, storm and heavy rains, fog should be a red flag as well as avalanches especially in the Fagaras mountains.


Brown Bears: An important population of brown bears live in the Carpathian Mountains.While they don’t generally attack humans, they can become aggressive when they are scared. The basic rule is to bring a whistle or make noise, especially in areas of high vegetation where they may not see you and will be likely to avoid you.


Vipers: Have been reported in Carpathian Mountains, they usually move away when humans approach, become aggressive when they are surprised or if you stomp on them. To avoid getting bitten we recommend bringing hiking poles. They usually come out of hibernation in the beginning of the summer so you may see them basking in the sun in June - July.


Shepherd Dogs: If there is a sheepfold (more common in the summer) there are also high chances of meeting shepherd dogs which likely won’t attack unless you go near the sheep. You should always have a snack or treat to give them, keep calm in their presence and don’t make any aggressive moves.