Sibiu is more than just a city, it’s a county too! The goal of our destination was to make each experience as easily accessible to you as possible. In doing so they developed apps for adventurers too. If you’re here looking for a hiking trail, or to explore the centuries-old fortified churches there’s an app to help get you there and explore.

Ani Drumetiei

If you like adventure and want to discover even more activities in Sibiu County then this is the ultimate app for you. It was launched in early 2022 and features a plethora of useful information from direct hiking routes, how to get to different points of interest, the difficulty of the terrain and of course different guides that can make each hiking experience unique. Whether it’s forest bathing, cleaning the environment or getting a taste of local flavours this app is the key to accessing a hiker’s paradise.

Fortified Churches

Dominating the hill in the heart of the village, are the fortified churches. This is where all of Sibiu County’s greatest hidden mysteries and legends are found. The fortified churches app is a great resource for learning all of this history in a fun and interactive way. You have the perfect portable guide for each one you visit!

Via Transilvanica

Your road to Transilvania awaits on the Via Transilvanica. Another app for hikers and adventurers to help you navigate the great mountains in this region. One road that leads to many paths so to speak, but when you’re out wondering whether to go left or right we suggest you go straight… straight to the Via Transilvanica app for guidance!

Get the most out of both Sibiu City and the County through our interconnected road maps all making the perfect tool to keep handy at all times as you explore Transylvania!