Sometimes your best guide around a city is right in your back pocket "so to speak". Getting around the city can be done on foot but where do you start? And what is there to see and do? Who is there to tell you the rich history of this wonderful Transylvanian town? Here are some of the best apps that you can use to navigate around Sibiu and find all of the answers to these questions. Each one is a step by step tour guide around the beautiful city!

Getting around Sibiu (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

Sibiu City App

Sibiu City App

This is the official app for the city of Sibiu. The app includes a list of tourist points and recommendations from the locals about important spots or interesting events around the city. You can also find hotels and accommodations to match your unique experience in Sibiu as well as restaurants.

The app mentions free time activities that you can do and transportation routes around Sibiu (buses, trains, flghts). This is a project launched by Sibiu’s City Hall and makes for a fantastic interactive guide around the city.


Questo is an app that speaks to the hearts of all the adventure lovers. This app is a more interactive and innovative way to explore Sibiu. It features exciting quests around the city keeping the curious-minded engaged while still getting a taste of the local experience.

There is a game designed specifically to discover Sibiu city. This game gives users two options: to either defend the city’s fortress or discover the 7 towers of Sibiu through a walking tour. The walking tour is a 3.2 km journey that reveals stories that helped shape the city’s identity. The app is free, all you have to do is download it from the App Store. Questo is flexible, allowing you to pause the game and come back to it later in case you want to stop for a break or explore other parts of the city.

Astra Museum

This is a mobile app which features an interactive audio guide that will provide a walking tour of Astra Museum and Park. It allows you to stroll through the Open-Air Museum by yourself in an autonomous way without a tour guide. The audio makes it easy for visitors to access information, listen to the museum’s stories passed down among the generations as well notifying users of upcoming events.

Astra Museum App

While Sibiu is quite small, these apps make the city easily accesible and interconnected. With these tools you can really make the most out of a short or long term stay in Sibiu!