Your next travel destination should be something a little different. It should be a place with charm and rich history, somewhere you can feel safe yet fully immersed into its culture in a short amount of time.

Sibiu Upper Town (c) Sibiu City

If this speaks to you then Sibiu city should be next on your list.  It is a quaint and charming city, with beautiful Saxon architecture and 900 years of history. The medieval nature of the city makes it mysterious, allowing you to get lost amidst the cobblestone streets. Here, you can enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the Upper and Lower Town, defensive towers and of course the well-preserved citadel wall. For the travelers who wants to discover the city on their own, we suggest several key spots.

Explore and take a picture at each palce, record how you feel here, these are moments you’ll want to treasure forever.

The Evangelical Church (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

The Upper Town

- Fortress Street and the Fortress Park
- Schiller Square
- Arhivelor Street
- Big Square
- Council Tower
- Little Square
- Liars’ Bridge
- Huet Square
- Journeymen House
- The Evangelical Church
- The Orthodox Cathedral
- The Reformed Church
- The Greek-Catholic Church
- The Franciscan Church
- The Astra Park
- Balcescu Pedestrian Street

... take the Goldsmiths' Stairs or the Stairs Passageways and get into the Lower Town with its:

- Goldsmiths’ Square
- Street 9 Mai– Street Faurului – Street Turnului

Have a look on the map of the Sibiu old town and create your own itinerary!

If you’re looking for a specific experience here in Sibiu we have sorted out three main kinds of tours you can do: photo, gastronomic, and street art tour. Each has a different flavor of Sibiu and you’ll be sure to savor every bite.

Picture Perfect Scenic Tour

Since Sibiu features such diversified styles of architecture from Romanesque and Gothic to Art Nouveau, its narrow cobbled streets, medieval towers, various passageways, and the mysterious roof eyes, make it an incredibly photogenic town.

Stairs' Passageway (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

The city has personality and each artist looking at it through the camera lens can capture a different version of it . Whether it’s the romance, history, local ambiance or artistic beauty, there’s something that attracts photographers in Sibiu. As you walk along the old town street, you’ll become  fascinated not only by the beautiful mix of architectural styles but also by the colorful house doors and gates. Can you spot the big, old wooden gates with their amazing locksmith, they are one-of-a-kind pieces of art?

We welcome you to join our community of photographers by sharing your memories with us or tagging us on Instagram @visitsibiucounty.


The Foodie’s Delight Tour

The cultural and ethnic diversity of Sibiu, its landscape, the traditional farming and the great passion for innovation have shaped the gastronomic identity of Sibiu, turning this destination into an  European Region of Gastronomy in 2019.

In Sibiu you can go straight to the source of your food by visiting local food markets, meeting the farmers and producers and sampling their raw ingredients. You can try the seasonal dishes in the local restaurants. Of course, we also recommend a lesser known gem in Sibiu which is our local wine from Apoldium or local craft beer (SB, Nembeer, Augusta).


These Are the Markets You Won’t Want to Miss:

- Cibin Market, open daily from 9am to 5pm (wintertime), 9.00 am to 8.00 pm (summer time)

- Transilvania Market: open on Saturdays from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm

- Vinerea Verde Market (Piaţa Huet): open on Fridays, from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm

A food tour is a great way to discover the delicious local gastronomy, and sample the fascinating blend of traditional dishes and contemporary creative cuisine.

Local Farmers Market (c) Focus


Street Style Art Tour  

If you dare for something different, a more authentic and unique tour of Sibiu, we suggest exploring the outskirts of the city and immersing yourself in the beauty of the street art. The Sibiu Street Art Tour is one of the biggest in Europe. It includes more than 112 wall paintings belonging to various international artists, covering 12.500 square m on old schools, kindergartens, blocks of flats or public institutions.

Sibiu Street Art (c) SISAF

Take a walk or a bike tour through the various neighbors in Sibiu and discover an amazing outdoor art exhibition with the biggest wall painting in Romanian (525 sqm) – the building on Piaţa Aurel Vlaicu.

Check the map with all the wall paintings in Sibiu and start a fascinating art adventure!