It’s finally Christmas eve and you’ve decided to spend this wonderful time of the year in Sibiu city. You’ve explored theChristmas market, surrounded by the Baroque – Viennese style architecture.You’ve seen the lights, skated on the ice rink and enjoyed the best of the mulled wines. But now you’re looking to experience a true traditional RomanianChristmas dinner. One of the most asked questions during the holidays is: what is a traditional Romanian Christmas dish? The first answer on everyone’s mind is cabbage rolls but there’s so much more. The true taste of Christmas is in picking places that enhance the spirit of Christmas from start to finish. The following restaurants have captured the authentic flavours of Sibiu duringChristmas and the staff here will make you feel like you are dining at a local’s house.

Image by Artografica

Crama Sibiului Vechi

In the heart of the historic centre in Sibiu city, there is an underground wine cellar that has been preserved in traditional Romanian décor. It is really the stuff of legends and the dishes convince your taste buds that they are truly out of this world. That is the local taste of Transylvania and the ambiance only gets better on Christmas. Book here.

La Dobrun

This restaurant was built on a desire to bring Romanian tradition to the dinner table regardless of the season, but during Christmas the flavours and songs are only that much more special. We believe that what really makes a traditional Romanian dish are the flavours of the people behind them, this is the restaurant that best capture this! Book here.

Image by La Dobrun

Image by La Dobrun