A tasty nutty cake that melts in your mouth with every bite, what could it be other than the famous cozonac, a household classic on Christmas in Sibiu county. This is a traditional, sweetened yeast bread with citrus scented dough, twisted around a nutty filling that creates a spiral design when baked resulting in a tender loaf of bread with a soft crumb.  A true taste of local is this traditional tasty baked good. Not only are they big in flavour but here in Sibiu County, in the village of Sura Mica to be exact , they are also the biggest in size. Here you will find a secret family recipe of cozonac passed down through the generations for over 17 years.

Let us enter into the kitchen of the Sciopata family now and discover a bit about their magical recipe. The cozonac of this family is renowned through the country for its size, one meter long and filled with flavour. As soon as you walk through the doors of their atelier your senses will be delighted by the sweet smells of caramelized sugar mixed with lemon peel. Elena and Nicolae Schiop at a work around the clock this time of year to face the large demand of orders. Even though they use the same recipe, each year they add a new unique flavour preserving the art of cozonac. It is a delicate recipe that requires a lot of patience and care. The tradition of long trays which they are baked in have been passed down by the Saxons and still remain the largest in the country. The cozonaci stay good for 2 weeks. To experience these true wonders for yourself you can visit Pati Turean shop in Sura Mica where they sell the famous meter cozonac. To visit click here.