The uniqueness of the exquisite and timeless handcrafts in Sibiu County will awaken your senses during your stay in Transylvania, connecting you to the roots of these lands. Once visiting our county, you should bring home a one-of-its-kind souvenirs. It is s thoughtful gift, a hand-crafted ceramic of your choice into which hours of hard work, passion, and dedication have been poured into.

Ceramic Workshop (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

Ceramics in Sibiu County originally started among the former Saxon communities, the art of clay and pottery was mainly intended to create products for practical uses in daily life. So what better way to preserve the county’s heritage, than by finding the ceramic product created in the style that best connects with you?

There are so many techniques that have been passed down through the generations, but what remains unique is the story of each artist who crafts them by hand. When you choose a hand-crafted ceramic, you’re connecting to the emotion behind the art, to the story of each artist.

The originality of these art works lies in the fact that they mix in a very creative way the old traditional patterns with the new, inventive, modern ones. Thus, the ceramic object could be used for different household works but also as wonderful design elements.

Nocrich Ceramics

Nocrich Ceramics (c) Gabriela Cuzepan

The Nocrich ScoutCentre is located in Nocrich (a formers Saxon village atabout 25 minutes from Sibiu).

It is an amazing place which brings teenagers scouts from all over the world and involves them in different social activities within the local community. A few years go, the Scout Centre in Nocrich decided to support its sustainable activities by bringing back to life an old forgotten local craft: pottery.

Thus, today you can visit the centre, watch the young craftsmen work, learn about their projects in the village and support them by buying some of their beautiful ceramic objects. You can also find them at various fairs in our county, like the Pottery Fair in Sibiu (in September) or at the Christmas Market in Sibiu.

Cristina Balerina

Is a local artist who, through perseverance, dedication and passion for the art of ceramics, has created a beautifully unique style of her own, blending texture with color and shape to make some of the region’s most exquisite mugs and plates. You can find her at different local fairs, including the Christmas Market in Sibiu. For more information, visit Cristina's webpage.

Modern Pottery (c) Cristina Balerina


 A shop located in the heart of Sibiu city. Poemi ceramics combine the power and magic of the four main elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire to each of their different materials, colours and textures,watching them come together to create minimalist masterpieces. Their products are entirely sustainable and organic.

Many of the finest local restaurants in Sibiu city use Poemi ceramics. For more information about their products, visit Poemi's webpage.

Teracota Medias

Through the tradition of artisan guilds at the Medias Terracotta factory, you will find the technical and manual process of terracotta tiles passed down through the generations. Their secret is a special recipe which you can find only here. You can book a tour at their factory and discover how traditional ceramic is still done and how the workshop has been working for more than a century.

For further details and booking visit Teracota medias webpage.