The Transylvania Highlands is an area dominated by the picturesque rural landscape of the charming and idyllic former Saxon villages. These communities were built during the Middle Ages and are highly attractive to this day due to their amazing architecture and the nature surrounding them. Authentic and well-preserved, the fortified churches and citadels in this region are amazing places to discover.

Biertan Fortified Church (c) Anii Drumetiei

The concept of a fortified church is quite unique in Europe. They were built in the 15th-16th century by the Saxon colonists in Transylvania and were used as defensive citadels against the attacks of the enemies. Today, there are around 150 fortified churches and citadels in Transylvania, many of which can be found in the county of Sibiu.

Among them, Biertan and Valea Viilor fortified churches are also UNESCO heritage monuments. They impress with their strong walls of fortification, imposing watch towers and defensive bastions. The story behind these constructions is what brings so much particularity. They were witnesses of the evolution of all these communities, of their customs and traditions, they mark a testament of changes in their life throughout centuries.

Hiking in the Transylvanian Highlands (c) Anii Drumetiei

Take some time to visit these fortresses. Walk along the walls, try to notice all of the architectural details, discover symbols, elements, frescos even notes made on the walls that talk about such a on old world. Discover the famous sacristy door in Biertan (from the 16th century), the prison for the married couples who wanted to get divorced, the Bacon Tower, the Catholic Tower and all the other elements that make it so special and unique.

Biertan and Valea Viilor are also known for their beautiful Saxon houses with well-preserved old architecture. Take a stroll along the streets in these villages a take a glimpse of the daily, simple life in the Transylvanian Highlands!

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