How do you get to the heart of Transylvania? Is there a road or directions that you must follow? Can you even get there? Is it a place or is it a feeling? In this case, it can be both! The heart of Transylvania in Romania is the city of Sibiu. Sibiu is located on the central side of Romania right near the Carpathian Mountains.

A city is a place but it is also a feeling. What feelings does Sibiu inspire you might ask? A mysterious sense of comfort. An aliveness through the centuries of old Saxon buildings. Feelings of warmth and protection as the once-fortified city maintains a balance between the old and the new. The origins of Sibiu go back to the XII century when the city was a Saxon settlement. The remainders of the German and Hungarian influence on the city are still visible to this day. To experience the feeling of Sibiu you can in fact follow a map with directions and see it for yourself! Sibiu is accessible by airplane, train, car or bus and below you can find how to get here:

By Plane

The Sibiu airport is one of the most important airports in Transilvania and features flights to and from several big European cities such as London, Munich and Paris. It is also a point of connection to and from other major Romanian cities. As a result of Sibiu’s close business relationship with Germany, it features frequent flights with German cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Stuttgart and Nurnberg operated by airlines such as Lufthansa, Wizz Air or Austrian Airlines. The flights between Sibiu and other cities range in price and can be as cheap as under 20 euros depending on the season and time of travel. For flight information click here

By Car

There are several roads and highways connecting Sibiu to both national and international cities. There is approximately 300 km between Bucharest and Sibiu taking about 4 and half hours by car. The city is also approximately 5 and half hours from Budapest, Hungary, Belgrade Serbia, and 7 and a half hours from Sofia, Bulgaria. Sibiu is located right on E81 road so it is very accessible. If you come by car it is worth exploring some of the local villages around Sibiu county such as Cisnadioara,  Rasinari, Saliste, Sibiel and Biertan among several others. There are also great hiking trails along these villages which you can find here. You can  also take a trip to the famous Transfagarasan just 2 and a half hours away. Renting a car is also possible and you can do this right at the Sibiu airport but the best way to get around within the city is either by foot or public transport which you can read more about here.

Photo by Iulian Astilean

By Train

There are also 3 trains/ day which connect Sibiu from Bucharest. The distance is covered in about 6 hours so while it is not considered the most efficient way to travel, it is a cost-effective option that has power outlets for any of the digital nomads who love to work and travel. If you enjoy getting cozy with a book or writing in a journal, the large panoramic windows can make for quite a scenic route. The train ride can help to disconnect you for a few hours from the fast pace of the outside world and allow you to take some time to reflect on yourself. Click here for train routes

So now you know that there is a map that you can follow to get to the heart of Transylvania and arrive in Sibiu Romania. This map has many different routes to help you get there. If you’re ready to take on the Transilvanian spirit of adventure then it's time to embark on this quest. Each route inspires a different experience depending on the type of traveller you are.