Brunch isn’t a meal, it’s a golden hour of the day and not the one that happens when the sun sets but quite the opposite when the sun rises. When the sun rises, you feel empowered and ready to start your day. But the beauty of visiting Sibiu starts with slow mornings and a visit at a brunch place du jour based on the local experience that you're looking to have.  

Sibiu's secret brunch recipe includes putting its heart and soul into every dish and this is what each of the following brunch places have in common. The magic lies in the details and each place features friendly staff, a high-quality coffee roast, state-of-the-art brunch dishes and, last but not least, a spectacular aesthetic ambiance. To be mentioned, the staff in all of these places speaks English meaning that you can really get a great taste of local if you just ask!

1. Lumos Enlightening Coffee and Brunch

The experience is right in the name "enlightening” and it does not fall short of this standard.  Located on Miropoliei Str. no. 1,  Lumos is “good vibes” only the minute you walk through their door, hence why you should remember to watch your step, because “falling in love” with Lumos is pretty easy to do.

You’ll be sure to be greeted by friendly baristas with a smile, ready to serve you the best experience possible whether that comes in the form of coffee or brunch. Lumos is always a “happening” place in Sibiu, its central location close to the Large Square and huet Square makes it a hub where the community gathers.

(c) Lumos Enlightening Coffee & Brunch

2. Meron

Meron adds “feelings” and not sugar to each brew ensuring the highest quality cup of coffee. Meron has a dynamic staff ready to serve and teach you about their unique brews. Each cup is special and when you don’t want coffee you can choose from a list of their outcasts where they are one of the only specialty coffee and brunch places to offer a matcha latte or masala tea as an alternative option.

If you follow them on social media, Meron is also a great hub of information, offering insights on the city, coffee roasting and their high-quality standard of coffee excellence.

Meron (c) Nicole Dragus

3.Charlie’s Specialty Brunch 

Charlie, the friendly beagle, invites you to brunch at his local cafe on Ocnei Street, no. 3. Charlie's Specialty Brunch is named after the owner’s pup beagle Charlie and is one of the pet-friendly cafes in Sibiu. Its cozy,  down-to-earth vibes make it a great place to brunch with friends while listening to some vintage vinyl.

On a sunny day, you can enjoy Charlie’s patio, where brunch is served to you while you bask in the sun. Inside, Charlie's has a vibrant atmosphere, tourists love to gather here. Often you will find many languages being spoken here. Charlie’s offers a cozy space with a living room type of feel to it, where you can make yourself comfortable while enjoying a delicious mimosa & customized bagel brunch.

(c) Charlie's Specialty Coffee & Brunch

4. Hug the Plate  

This is truly a big hug to your taste buds featuring the local flavors of Sibiu. This franchise offers a modern twist to timeless traditions. It's your favorite eggs benedict and coffee on a plate! Hug the Plate is local to Sibiu only, with each location being designed with the wants, needs and desires of the locals. The cafes are located either in Promenada mall, on Nicolae Balcescu street , or on the corner of Mihai Viteazu Street and Calea Dumbravii Street.

(c) Hug the Plate

These brunch places are sure to give you an extra-ordinary experience that will leave your taste buds and you coming back to Sibiu asking for more of what this city has to offer!