Mărginimea Sibiului is known as the land of well-being. The region is located in Southern Transylvania and it has always been famous for its tradition of shepherding. It is within a few km from Sibiu city and it is formed by a chain of villages at the feet of the Carpathian Mountains.

Old cabin and sheepfold (c) Anii Drumetiei

The location itself shows how these areas bond with nature. The communities here are perfect examples of slow travel and slow living, preserving customs and traditions over fast-paced growth and global change. Sometimes, while being here, you just feel time staying still, no stress or anxiety, far from the daily routine.

The area can be explored by car but, from time to time, we suggest you try a hike or a bike ride. You can download and use the Anii Drumetii App to help guide you!

The narrow streets of brightly colored houses and large wooden gates are sure to inspire your stroll. Up, in the mountains, picturesque valleys, deciduous and coniferous forests, hayfields, pastures enlivened by flocks of sheep and old wooden cabins make you slower your pace, forget about the climbing effort and enjoy the views.

Amazing hike trails (c) Anii Drumetiei

In the heart of the destination there's  the mountain and ski resort Păltiniş. It is an important trek hub as various trails in the Cindrel Mountains start and end up here. Local roads are suitable for cycling, and the mountain areas feature a dense network of hiking, running and MTB trails.

In wintertime, you can enjoy the different ski slopes here, cross-country skiing trails and snowshoeing experiences. It is easy to get to Păltiniş, as from Sibiu there's a direct bus - check out Bus 22 Route!

So, when planning to visit Sibiu, don't hesitate and reserve at least one day in Mărginimea Sibiului. What we suggest to put on your list:

Enjoying nature (c) Anii Drumetiei
  • Visits in villages like: Răşinari, Sibiel, Fântânele, Sălişte, Râu Sadului, Gura Râului
  • Hikes, mountain bike tours or snow experieces in Păltiniş mountain resort
  • Local food experiences and traditions during festivals like: Festivalul Branzei si Tuicii (Răşinari), Bujorul de Munte (Gura Râului), Apple Fair (Sibiel)
  • Sports competitions like Burduf Challenge, Urme pe Plai, Sibiel Forest Run, Sibiu Cycling Tour
  • Hikes on the Sun Trail in Sălişte or at the Dacian ruins in Tilişca

Mărginimea Sibiului is a great destination to explore the beauty of eco-tourism’s touch. There are so many options to choose from when you retreat away from the city, which help you to integrate with both nature and yourself. So, if you are eager to (re)discover the rural life or (re)discover yourself through mindful walks and hikes, forest-bathing, foraging and healthy food, Mărginimea Sibiului is the perfect place!